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Is Diana and Roma a Good Show for Kids?

If you are wondering if Diana and Roma is a good show, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve spent hours upon hours reviewing the Diana and Roma Youtube channel and we’ve got an answer for you.

In our quest to find quality programming for those times when we want to allow a little screen time for our toddlers and preschoolers, we’ve become a bit spoiled by shows like Bluey and Tumble Leaf.

We’d like to think that some of the excellent programming choices would raise the bar for kids’ shows overall.

There are plenty of low-quality shows still being produced, though.

This is one of them.

Just as an addendum to the following article, I’d like to say that when I use the words “Diana and Roma”, I’m not referring to the children in the videos, but the Youtube channel itself.

Let’s explore what’s wrong with the Diana and Roma Youtube show (Kids Diana Show).

image of child playing with slime in Diana and Roma, not a good show for kids.

What is Diana and Roma?

Diana and Roma is a Youtube channel that is geared toward entertaining kids and marketed toward educating them.

The channel follows the “adventures” of 2 young siblings who do things like play with slime, visit the beach at their beachfront home, and play in their pool.

Is Diana and Roma and good show?

The short answer to this question is no, Diana and Roma is not a good show for kids. Diana and Roma is low-value content that appears to be produced for entertainment purposes only, though the videos are marketed as “educational”.

The videos contain many elements which parents might find grating to the nerves. There are some substantial issues that parents and caregivers might have with Diana and Roma (Kids Diana Show), though.

Below are a few main issues.


The children in the Diana and Roma show bicker and fight quite a bit. This is, of course, normal for kids, especially siblings.

Unfortunately, the adult, presumably the father, in the show does not intervene with any helpful conflict resolution skills.

An example of this is the Youtube episode where the children go to the beach.

At the beginning of the episode, the children are yelling, jumping, and hitting each other with pillows on the couch.

The father comes into the room and says something to the effect of, “Hey, don’t fight. Let’s go to the beach”.

This is only one example of kids fighting on the show. It’s throughout almost every episode.

Unboxing & Product Placement

Many parents don’t allow their children to watch unboxing videos and shows with excess product placement.

Conspicuous product placement and toy unboxing are harmful to kids and to the planet.

The moral and ethical dilemma of having kids sell to other kids, without consent and disclosure is something that many parents don’t want in their homes.

If you want to avoid having your kids watch unboxing videos, Diana and Roma is certainly not the show for your family.

Unboxing doesn’t happen in the usual form in most of these videos, but the children are frequently opening new toys.

Excess Toys

Diana and Roma features children who have every type of toy one can think of, and in excess quantities.

Every problem encountered in the show is solved by a toy, and when the children can’t share a toy, that issue is solved by adding even more toys to the scenario.

Educational Value

As far as educational value is concerned, Diana and Roma has little of it.

Many of the videos on the Youtube channel have titles like, “Diana and Roma Learn to Share”, however, there is very little to each storyline.

With titles such as this, you might expect some social-emotional learning, however, there is very little dialogue in any of the videos – certainly not enough to support this type of learning.

As far as academic learning for toddlers and preschoolers, it’s notably absent from Diana and Roma, as well.

Overall, Diana and Roma is free of any value for kids and may even be harmful.

If you’re looking for quality kids’ shows, this is not one of them.

I’m curious, though. Do you agree that this is not a good YouTube kids’ show? Or do you think it’s harmless or even good?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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Friday 28th of July 2023

I would say no, this is not a good show for children of any age.

Diana and Roma is the most excessive, over the top show of luxury, and plain spoilt brat behaviour I have ever seen. The show promotes a materialistic mind set.

There is nothing to be learned from their "educational videos" either. The father who is regularly seen on the show serves no purpose other than annoyance and presenting the children with MORE toys.

The amount of views this channel has is so scary. It is not harmless show at all. I think the message conveyed by Diana and Roma of consumerism, materialism, excess, greed, damage to the environment and showing off is quite harmful.


Wednesday 31st of May 2023

It’s the harm to the environment of the copious new plastic toys every other second and the sheer materialism of the parents who apparently think the way to express “love” is to buy material gifts and taking your children to theme parks rather than teaching values - like being considerate to the environment and reducing plastic waste that’s so god awful.

It’s jarring my child is so drawn to it.


Thursday 1st of June 2023

I feel the same way - a ridiculous amount of plastic waste in Diana and Roma!


Monday 22nd of May 2023

Spoiled kids


Tuesday 4th of July 2023

@Sarah, or they could just be called Brats. Especially the boy


Tuesday 16th of May 2023

Not to forget the amount of food wastage they's cringe to another level...


Sunday 14th of May 2023

Initially I thought it was a harmless channel but since some weeks my little one has been showing signs of hitting and yelling unwantedly which I noticed in some episodes of this channel.