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8 Awesome Cooking Shows for Kids (On Netflix, YouTube, and more)

Are you looking for some great cooking shows for kids? If so, you have come to the right place.

Cooking and baking shows are some of the most enjoyable to watch with kids.

When parents are looking for educational shows and non-animated shows for kids, cooking shows often don’t show up on their radar.

You shouldn’t discount the value of these shows, though.

Cooking shows for kids are enjoyable and they encourage creativity and adventure when it comes to cooking and baking.

So, if you’re looking to allow a little screen time, cooking shows are a great option.

Let’s get to it.

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Is there a cooking show for kids?

Yes, there are plenty of cooking shows that are geared toward teens, tweens, and even elementary-age kids and toddlers.

The list below is great for kids who are interested in cooking, as well as parents and caregivers who are looking for some interactive family activities.

8 awesome cooking shows for kids

Kids Cooking with Zoe – YouTube

Kids Cooking with Zoe is my 8-year-old’s absolute favorite cooking show.

Zoe is a little girl with a delightful personality who cooks independently and records herself making the recipes.

This is a great cooking channel for kids that is designed for families who want to get their kids interested in cooking.

The recipes on this kids’ cooking show are interesting and they actually turn out very delicious.

Is it Cake? – Netflix

Is It Cake is a really funny and light-hearted cooking show that is geared toward kids.

In this show, bakers create cakes that look like real-life objects, and a set of contestants are tasked with guessing which objects are the real deal and which are cakes.

There aren’t a ton of cooking skills that are taught in the show, but it’s interactive and fun.

Some of the language on the show might be seen by some parents as being “salty”, however, there’s nothing mean-spirited in the show.

Bake Squad – Netflix

One of my favorite shows to watch with my kids is Bake Squad on Netflix.

In this show, the team of professional bakers is tasked with creating cakes and other baked treats and sweets for events for real people.

They are given some information on the person and event they are baking for and they use their creativity, empathy, and baking skills to bake some amazing creations.

Nailed It – Netflix

Nailed It on Netflix is a great cooking show if you are in the mood for a good laugh.

In this show, kids will enjoy watching a group of contestants attempt to recreate a difficult, themed cake.

Of course, the cakes never come out how the bakers plan and hilarity ensues.

There’s some jabbing humor in the show, however, the contestants poke quite a bit of fun at themselves, as well.

Chopped Junior – Food Network

Chopped Junior on the Food Network is the 1st of 3 traditional competition-style cooking shows for kids on our list.

This is a really fun show that has kids competing against each other using a fun variety of ingredients and techniques.

If you’re a fan of the hit cooking show, Chopped, you’ll enjoy this show right alongside your kids.

Masterchef Junior – Hulu

We’re all used to Gordon Ramsay being loud, mean, and a bit of a bully.

In Hulu’s Masterchef Junior, however, he’s softened his persona for the little ones.

In this show, kids are given baking and cooking challenges, sometimes working in teams and sometimes working alone.

This is a show that exposes kids to a variety of different foods and cooking techniques.

Kids Baking Championship – Food Network

Kids Baking Championship is another cooking show that is produced in the style of the adult cooking shows we all know and love.

On this show, a team of kids is given challenges that involve baking.

Along the way, there’s a lot of creativity and science involved, as well as a lot of light-hearted humor.

It’s a fun show.

Messy Hands Kids Cooking – YouTube

I love the Messy Hands Kids Cooking channel on YouTube, otherwise known as I Can Cook.

There are so many recipe videos on this channel that kids will love cooking.

The host of the show teaches the kids every step in the cooking process.

All of the food preparation is done in real-time, which is great for kids who want to follow along with the recipe.

Is your favorite kids’ cooking show on this list?

If not, send us an email or drop a comment and let us know which cooking show for kids you think is the best.

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