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Will Bluey get a Baby Brother?

Bluey rumors seem never-ending, from rumors of the show ending to rumors of the death of one of the main characters – and one of the latest rumors has people wondering if Bluey will be getting a baby brother soon.

The vastness of the internet is really something.

Fans of Bluey have expressed that they would be delighted if the show would address the addition of a new child to the family, much like Daniel Tiger did with the birth of Margaret.

Being an educational cartoon that addresses a variety of issues other kids’ shows ignore, fans certainly wouldn’t be surprised by the addition of a new Heeler baby.

Is this just a fantasy of Bluey viewers, or is it something that the show’s creators are planning?

Let’s find out.

image of the word bluey.

Is Chili pregnant on Bluey?

In order for there to be a new Heeler pup, Chili, the mother in the family, would have to be pregnant.

In a recent Reddit thread, a photograph of Chili, Bandit, Bluey, and Bingo at the beach is said to show Chili Heeler pregnant and “showing” with baby #3.

We don’t have the legal rights to display that image on our website, however, readers are welcome to view it via this link.

As you can see, in this family picture artwork of Chili from a family picture, she does appear to have what could be described as a “baby bump”.

It could be speculated that at the time this picture was made, Chili was pregnant, and suffered a loss afterward.

It could also be possible that this is early artwork for the show and there’s no deeper meaning behind it.

As far as Chili being pregnant in the show – this is not something that’s been written into the storyline as of season 3.

What about the future, though?

Will Bluey get a baby brother?

There have been hints throughout various Bluey episodes that the Heeler parents have struggled with infertility and/or experienced miscarriage(s).

That alone doesn’t mean that the show’s creators have no plans on adding a third Heeler pup to the mix.

In season 3’s episode titled “Bedroom,” there is a more definitive clue as to whether or not Bluey will get a baby brother (or sister).

“Bedroom” is an episode wherein Bluey and Bingo get their own rooms. Bluey keeps her bed in the original room the 2 girls had been sharing, and Bingo gets her own room – the spare room.

At the beginning of the episode, the girls ask about the crib in the room and Chili tells them it’s still there because she never got around to getting rid of it.

In order to make room for Bingo’s bed and other belongings, the room is cleared of everything, including the crib.

It’s common in families all over the world that cribs are passed down from child to child, and when the parents are finished having babies, the crib is donated or disposed of.

Getting rid of a crib is often a significant and emotional event for parents – one that’s not taken lightly.

Most would speculate that Chili doing away with the children’s crib is a strong sign that she’s done having babies.

So, while there’s been no word from the creators of Bluey about whether or not she’ll get a baby brother or sister, the signs point to it not being likely.

What do you think or what would you like to see happen in the show?

Are 2 Heeler pups enough or should the producers add a 3rd child?

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