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Is Bluey Overstimulating? (The Answer and more)

If you are wondering whether or not Bluey is an overstimulating TV show, this article is for you.

Here, I’ll talk a bit about the signs of overstimulation in kids and what makes certain children’s cartoons overstimulating.

We’ll also get to the bottom of whether or not Bluey can be chucked in the “overstimulating kids cartoons” bin.

Let’s get right to it.

image of bluey, one of the tv shows for toddlers on this list.

What makes a kid’s show overstimulating?

When a child is overwhelmed by more sensations, sights, and noises than they can handle, that’s when they become what’s called “overstimulated”.

And there has been a lot of talk over the past few years about certain children’s shows being overstimulating.

Parents are beginning to notice that it’s not only the amount of screen time their young children get that overstimulates them but also the types of shows they are viewing.

The concern over the hit show Cocomelon is a good example of what I’m talking about.

What makes a cartoon overstimulating?

  • Noise level
  • Sound effects & music
  • Frequent scene changes

These are just a few common themes of cartoons that are reported to be overstimulating to children.

Children, of course, tolerate different levels of stimuli. For some children, even the bright colors of some cartoons can be overwhelming and distracting.

Other children can tolerate a lot of simultaneous stimuli on a screen before they become overwhelmed.

It’s important to look for signs that a show is overstimulating to your child to make the determination on whether or not a cartoon is overstimulating.

Signs of overstimulation in kids

Here are some of the common signs of overstimulation in children.

  • Increased crying/fussiness/whining
  • Increased demanding/irrational behavior
  • Refusal to listen/disobedience
  • Increased aggression
  • Hyperactivity

In general, you are going to want to observe any behavioral changes during the show and in the immediate and extended time period following.

Is Bluey overstimulating for young kids?

I’m sure you came here for a definitive answer to if Bluey is overstimulating. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question.

Whether or not Bluey is overstimulating for your child depends on the age of your child, the amount of time they spend watching it, their temperament, and other factors.

Essentially, if your child is overwhelmed by Bluey, and shows signs of overstimulation during and after its viewing, it may be overstimulating to them.

Overstimulation, though, is not a common complaint from parents who allow their young children to watch Bluey.

Here are some elements of Bluey that help to keep the show from overloading children’s senses.

  • The characters move and talk slowly
  • There are no rapid scene changes
  • Rarely is there loud music and/or excessive sound effects
  • The color scheme of the show is mostly neutral

The show has gentle themes, voices, music, scene changes, and colors.

Even with all these calm elements, there are going to be children that become overwhelmed by it.

Nobody can tell you how any cartoon is going to affect your child.

It’s always best to observe your child for signs of overstimulation when you introduce a new TV show.

For my children, Bluey has not caused any signs of overstimulation – and, as I mentioned earlier, this is a common sentiment.

Have you found that Bluey is an overstimulating show for your toddler or preschooler?

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