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Is Bluey Better than Peppa Pig? (We have the Answer!)

If you are wondering if Bluey is better than Peppa Pig for toddlers and preschoolers, you’ve come to the right place. I’m quite familiar with both of these shows and I was able to put together a thorough comparison for you.

Parents and caregivers who limit screen time for their children often aim to choose the very best in quality programming for those times when screen time is allowed.

Often, it comes down to what’s popular for the child’s age-group and what’s available on the bigger streaming services.

Right now, and for the past couple years, 2 of the most popular children’s TV shows have been Peppa Pig and Bluey.

If that’s what it’s come down to in your home, we’re here to help you decide on which show is better.

You’re probably a busy parent who’s short on time, so let’s get right to it.

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Is Bluey better than Peppa Pig?

We’re going to go over several items that parents generally use to choose shows for their children.


As far as animation goes, Bluey and Peppa Pig don’t share many similarities.

Peppa Pig is minimalistic – there aren’t many things featured in each scene that don’t absolutely need to be there. This is a benefit for young children – it allows them to better focus on the characters and the plot of the show.

Even the drawings of the characters are minimalistic.

Bluey is very different when it comes to animation.

During important plot scenes, the focus is still on the characters. However, there are numerous potentially distracting elements on the screen, as well.

Neither show’s animation seems to be a sticking point for many people, but Peppa Pig wins this round for its simple, slow-moving animation.


The humor in both Bluey and Peppa Pig are sticking points for critics of each show.

Bluey is sometimes criticized for humor related to passing gas and phrases like the not-so-lovely “Made you look, ya dirty chook”.

There’s also the humor aimed at adults that sometimes makes its way into Bluey, like the episode wherein Chili and Bandit are clearly hungover and the previous night’s dancing on a table is mentioned.

Peppa Pig is no more a winner in the category than Bluey. In fact, Peppa Pig is guilty of far worse humor atrocities.

The family’s mean-spirited humor about Daddy Pig’s weight is one of the itme wherein this show gets it all wrong. And it’s not just Peppa and George who laugh at him for his size, Mummy Pig gets in on it, too.

The humor alone in Peppa Pig is enough for this show to be banned in many homes.

One point for Bluey.


When it comes to learning letters, colors, shapes, and the like, neither of these shows stands out.

Different variations of the English language and different cultures come through in both Peppa Pig and Bluey, which is educational in a sense, but neither show aims to teach children academic basics.

Social-emotional learning

As far as social-emotional learning is concerned, Bluey stands out as the clear front-runner.

The Pig Family’s behavior toward Daddy Pig disqualifies it from even an honorable mention in this category. Men being useless, daft, and the joyful butt of every joke is not a lesson to teach children.

The social-emotional lessons in Peppa Pig episodes are skin deep, if they’re even present.

Bluey episodes, on the other hand, are packed full of social-emotional learning – there are even quite a bit of lessons for parents and caregivers tucked many of them.

Bluey tackles topics like grief and loss, handling infertility, feeling inferior, competetive parenting, and so many more.

Bluey vs Peppa Pig – Which show is better?

So, which show is better, Peppa Pig or Bluey?

Taking everything into consideration, and placing higher values on the potentially harmful items, Bluey stands out as the better kids’ show.

From the social-emotional lessons for kids and parents to the realistic (for a dog family) daily scenarios, Bluey is one of the best shows currently on TV that a child can watch.

It’s even won awards for its excellence in family viewing.

I’m curious to know your thought on this, though.

Do you agree with this assessment? Why or why not?

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Thursday 5th of January 2023

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