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Is Brandy Infertile in the Show Bluey? (We have the Answer)

If you are a fan of the hit kids’ show, Bluey, you are probably as interested as the rest of us on keeping up with the chatter and learning the backstories of the episodes. Brandy being infertile is the latest theory – is Brandy infertile in Bluey, though?

The internet is the place to go for speculation, but today you’re going to get some answers.

Let’s find out if Brandy is infertile and in which Bluey episode we can find this information.

Trigger warning: Infertility and infant loss.

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Around 11% of women experience infertility, making it a relatively common struggle.

While childless people have been presented in children’s cartoons, never before has the issue of infertility been addressed in a cartoon made for little kids.

Bluey, as we all know, is not your average kids’ show, though. The writers address a variety of topics others wouldn’t dare, and in sensitive and age-appropriate ways.

Another thing we all know about the show Bluey is that it’s not just written for kids – it’s for adults, too.

Since infertility can impact the children in a household, as well as the parents, a kids’ cartoon that opens up conversations about infertility would not only be an invaluable tool for families, but something that would help millions of struggling people feel seen and understood.

Does Bluey actually address infertility, though? Is it true Brandy can’t have kids?

Can Brandy, in the show Bluey, have kids?

Brandy Cattle is Chili’s sister. She makes her first appearance in season 3 of Bluey.

The theory promoted on social media and in the blogs is that Brandy is infertile.

Some Bluey storylines are more open to interpretation than this one, like the theory that Bluey is a rainbow baby.

It turns out that the chatter is true – Brandy cannot have children and it’s a reasonable conclusion that she is, in fact, infertile.

How did everyone come to this conclusion, though? In which episode of season 3 is Brandy Cattle featured?

Which Bluey episode is about infertility?

If you are interested in watching this Bluey episode that everyone is talking about, you can find it in season 3, episode 31.

The episode is called “Onesies”.

In this episode, Brandy comes to the Heeler family’s door, and almost immediately the references and clues to her infertility begin.

She greets the children, who have not seen her since they were babies, and she appears sad after noticing how much alike Chili and Bingo look.

It’s common for expecting parents and people who are trying to conceive to wonder if their child will look like them.

Brandy gives Bluey and Bingo onesies as gifts, which is another indication that she has babies on her mind.

Brandy attempts to talk to Chili a few times, looking downtrodden, but they are interrupted by Bingo, who’s a bit overexcited about her onesie.

Brandy mentions cutting the visit short when Bingo pounces on her and they begin playing in the grass together.

Chili and Bluey are hiding from Bingo in the tub and Bluey asks Chili what is wrong with her auntie Brandy.

Chili responds, “There’s something Auntie Brandy wants more than anything. And she can’t have it. And there’s not really anything anyone can do.”

The next scene is of Bingo running away from the wrestling match with Brandy – Brandy is reaching her arms out as Bingo leaves.

During this scene, Bluey asks Chili why Brandy can’t just have what she wants, and Chili tells Bluey, “Because it’s not meant to be”.

The characters end up uniting in a scene with Chili and Brandy laying on the lawn and the kids playing on a slide in the background.

Brandy tells Chili the reason she has not visited – because “It’s just hard seeing you all, you know?”.

Chili expresses understanding and the episode ends with Chili and Brandy teaching the younger set of sisters a dance they did as children.

If you don’t have access to this episode, there is a version on Youtube you can watch. It’s separated into parts, but it still flows well.

This is a difficult episode for some to watch, as the theme of Brandy’s sadness over her infertility permeates throughout.

Many viewers have expressed how cathartic it is to have their infertility struggles addressed in such a sensitive way.

Many parents are grateful for the Onesies episode, as well, as it has opened the door to talk to their children about their own struggle with infertility.

Did we miss any important features of this episode in our explanation? If so, let us know.

Also, feel free to share how the Onesies episode affected you in the comments or in a private email.

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