Is T.O.T.S. a Good Show for Toddlers? (We have the Answer!)

If you are wondering if T.O.T.S. is a good show for toddlers, you have come to the right place. This is a show we’re very familiar with and we’re here to help you decide if you should let your child watch it.

In your quest to find quality TV programming for your toddler, you’re going to come across some great options – and some not-so-great options.

Parents and caregivers are often looking for TV shows that are educational and slow-paced.

Positive and gentle themes are often at the top of a caregiver’s wish list, as well.

Does T.O.T.S. qualify as a good toddler show?

Let’s look into it.

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What does T.O.T.S. TV show stand for?

T.O.T.S. stands for Tiny Ones Transport Service. It’s a fictional service that brings baby animals to their families.

In the show, Pip the penguin and Freddy the flamingo, the main characters, bring baby animals to their parents.

What age is T.O.T.S. for?

The show T.O.T.S. is geared toward kids ages 2-7, however, older children might enjoy it, as well.

Is T.O.T.S. a baby show?

The central theme of T.O.T.S. is babies, but the show itself is not geared toward babies, but toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary-age children.

Screen time under the age of 18 months, other than facetime, is not recommended.

Is T.O.T.S. a good show for toddlers?

If you’re wondering if T.O.T.S. is a good show for toddlers, the answer is yes.

T.O.T.S. is an animated TV show that is full of positivity and good will.

The essence of the show is that the 2 main characters, Pip and Freddy, are tasked with taking care of babies and delivering them to their parents.

What makes this show good?


They are the only 2 non-stork delivery birds that are training at the Tiny Ones Transport Service and they work as a team to challenge their co-worker’s resistance to non-stork workers.

T.O.T.S. also celebrates diversity in families when it has Pip and Freddy deliver animal babies to families of different species.


Some T.O.T.S. episodes have short lessons on animal science. Mostly, however, it’s just a cute show about friendship and problem-solving.

Prior to delivery, or during the delivery process, Pip and Freddy encounter a challenge in each episode.

Sometimes, there’s academic learning involved, but usually, it’s a subtle social-emotional lesson.


There are no villains or “bad guys” in this show, though the characters are fairly one-dimensional, which is normal for a toddler cartoon.

The only complaint we would have about T.O.T.S. is that it ignores biology and the chance to explain animal reproduction in an age-appropriate way.

Instead, the baby animals are delivered how kids 40+ years ago were taught this happened – via storks.

We understand that this is not the purpose of the show, however.

Final thoughts

T.O.T.S. is an innocuous show that is put together in a thoughtful way.

It wouldn’t be a show we’d recommend for parents and caregivers looking for solid educational content.

It’s lighthearted and entertaining, though, and many toddlers engage with it well.

If you’ve seen T.O.T.S., what are your thoughts about it?

We’d love to get your feedback.

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